About Cattle-Exchange

About Cattle-Exchange

Cattle-Exchange.com a website connecting cattle buyers and sellers was launched by Beef Today magazine in January 2012 with a mission to revolutionize the way cattlemen conduct business. The site allows sellers to input free listings to market to prospective cattle buyers nationwide.

The benefit for buyers on the site is that it allows you to search for the type of cattle you are looking for and narrow results based on geographic location, breed and more. For sellers, Cattle-Exchange.com allows you to provide detailed information on what interests buyers and also post videos and photos, which brings in more page views and potential buyers.

Since launching in 2012, Cattle-Exchange.com has helped buyers and sellers come together to trade cattle. To date, the site has posted over 1,200 listings, which translates into more than 108,000 head of animals listed, and has been visited by more than 100,000 people and received more than 1.3 million individual page views. Now the site is seeing both buyers and sellers coming back to the site to trade cattle.

As a result of the website’s success, Beef Today has a weekly email report, delivered electronically to more than 50,000 beef producers. The report will feature recent listings—and include market observations from conversations with cattlemen and listing trends on Cattle-Exchange.com.

How it Works

• Seller lists cattle for sale
• Prospective buyers search listings
• Prospective buyer contacts seller
• Sale transaction takes place

Additional Features

• Breeders Directory (coming soon)
• Market News
• Weekly Newsletter (sign up)

How Cattle-Exchange Can Work for You

• List cattle for sale - FREE
• Expose your cattle to potential buyers all over the United States
• List your ranch in the Breeder Directory for increased visibility