Frequently Asked Questions about Cattle-Exchange.com.

Why should I register?

First, you don’t have to register to use Cattle-Exchange.com. You can search the site
and review all the listings you might be interested in, as many times and as frequently as
you like. You can contact the seller, because we try to make it easy for you to do
business more efficiently.

But registering does offer some distinct benefits:

  • • You can create and save your own customized searches, as many as you want.
  • • You can save the listings you may want to review again later.
  • • You can create “alerts” that will send you notices of new listings that match the class,
    breed and location of greatest interest. And you can determine how frequently you want
    to receive these messages.
  • • You can place “Cattle Wanted” listings on the site at no charge when looking for
    something specific that you might not find in the database.
  • What makes Cattle-Exchange.com a cut above?

    Features Advantages What Cattle-Exchange.com is not!

    • National Coverage supported by Internet, print, television market promotion
    • Listing can be viewed 24/7, 365
    • Search by type, class, region, breed, zip
    • View photos and video of cattle for sale
    • Look without having to commit right away
    • Receive alerts of saved searches to let you know when a new listing has been posted
    • Contact the seller directly for sales terms
    • “Shop” for cattle when you want to
    • Search for specific desires
    • Review and track options from the convenience of your office or easy chair

    • Potential buyers and sellers don’t have to be in one place at the same time
    • Search for exactly the type, breed, and location of the cattle you are looking for
    • Transportation cost can be locked in
    • Don’t have to rely on an expensive broker
    • Easily compare multiple listings

    • Not an auction
    • Not a broker
    • Not a trade platform
    • Not expensive
    • Not traditional

    How long will it take for my listing to appear?

    Typical approval time is 5-10 minutes.

    Cattle-Exchange.com will proof your listing, and edit if needed to help it be most valuable to potential buyers. The more thorough and careful you are when entering the requested data, the quicker the process. If changes or additions are suggested, it may take a bit longer based on the timeliness of your response.

    Can I view my listing history?

    Listing history can be found under "My Account" at the top right of every page. From "My Account" select the tab "My Sale Listings" to display listing history. Recent listings that have not been approved can be found under the "My Pending Listings" tab.

    How much does it cost to list cattle?

    Users can list cattle for sale for free! There are no commission fees for user Cattle Exchange.

    Photo/Video Tutorial

    What is PaySAFE?

    Why use PaySAFE?
    Close Your Private Treaty Livestock Transactions with Confidence

    The private treaty livestock marketplace is fraught with risk. Documentation, transport, non-payment - these types of issues can quickly turn a profitable transaction into a financial disaster. However, private treaty livestock buyers and sellers now have a great partner in PaySAFE.

    PaySAFE works as a neutral third party to provide financial protection to both buyers and sellers. Transactions are created online and agreed to by both parties, saving time and minimizing misunderstandings.

    Buyers have and easy-to-use process that allows them to keep track of items like head count and breed, inspection documents and photos, transportation and final pricing.

    Sellers can rest easy knowing that the buyer's funds are verified and safely held in escrow until all points of the agreement are met. PaySAFE's escrow service replaces untimely and costly Letters of Credit.

    PaySAFE Benefits:

    • Funds are released at mutually agreed upon points of the transaction details.
    • Transportation arrangements are tracked in the agreement history.
    • Your funds are safely held in escrow throughout the entire process.
    • Inspection photos, Bills of Ladin and other supporting documentation are easily uploaded and visible to all parties.


    • Funds are secured and verified - eliminating the risk of non-payment.
    • Inspection photos, Bills of Lading and other documentation are easily uploaded and visible to all parties.
    • Smaller, partial payments can be easily negotiated to cover milestones.
    • A comprehensive history is kept for any communication that takes place within the PaySAFE platform.