Fleckvieh (Simmental)

Origin of Breed

Fleckvieh is the strain of Simmental that originated in 1830 in Germany and Austria where they were bred for meat and milk production for generations. At that time, Simmental cattle were famous for their milk production and drought capacity, but were late maturing with little depth and coarse bones. The breeding was aimed are on a "middle of the road type animal" with excellent muscling, good milk production and performance. In 1920, Southern Germany closed their herdbook and Fleckvieh was developed as an independent breed. Between the late 1960’s and 1980’s, the breed changed to a dual-purpose breed for milk and beef and had established itself on all the continents. This systematic improvement of the production traits led to a modern breed, which fits the economical needs of producers. Today, the Simmental (Fleckvieh) breed is present on all continents and with 41 million animals is the second largest breed in the world.

Physical Description

The Fleckvieh breed is moderate to large framed with a long, wide and deep body. The basic colors of the breed range from light to dark yellow and red to dark red on white. The distribution of colors may be spotted, speckled or most of the body solid colored. An important trademark of the breed is the dominant white head with a broad muzzle. Eye spectacles or eyelid pigmentations occur frequently. Their Belly, feet and tail are white in color. Fleckvieh have flat boned legs, fitting well with the body's strength, and hard hooves. Their sound legs and feet enable make them functional for many environments. The breed shows good muscularity throughout their body. Fleckvieh cows have functional udders and best maternal traits. Outstanding trait of the Fleckvieh cow is the top milk yield, ensuring high weaning weights.

Mature bulls weigh around 2000 lbs. while adult Fleckvieh cows weigh from 1500 to 1800 lbs.

Defining Characteristics

Fleckvieh is known for its excellent beef production and high growth potential of the animals. They are definitely different in their phenotype and genetics when compared to other strains of Simmentals. Fleckvieh were developed under very practical criteria and, while maintaining their breed purity.

Some unique characteristics of the Fleckvieh are their early-accelerated growth, with ease of fleshing on a moderate frame. They have excellent carcass cutability on moderate frames. The beef produced from Fleckvieh cattle is well marbled, tender and has a good taste, irrespective of whether it was produced of bulls, heifers of steers. Fleckvieh females excel at calving ease, fertility, longevity and are easy keepers. Fleckvieh cattle are healthy, hardy and show an excellent adaptability to the different geographical and climatic conditions.

Development in America

The Fullblood Simmental Fleckvieh Federation was originally established as the American Fullblood Simmental Marketing Committee in 1995. In 2004, it evolved to the Fullblood Simmental Fleckvieh Federation. Today there are over 100 Fleckvieh breeders in the United States and breed popularity is continuing to grow.

Registry and Improvement Programs

The Fullblood Simmental Fleckvieh Federation is headquartered in Cisco, TX. The Association offers registration, transfers, sales, member services as well as a junior program and show.

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