Lim-Flex (Limousin)

Origin of Breed

Lim-Flex originated in 2002 as a Limousin-Angus Hybrid. Animals registered as Lim-Flex must be 25 to 75% Limousin and 25 to 75%Angus or Red Angus, with a maximum allowance of another breed of 12.5% (1/8th). Lim-Flex may be produced from either registered or unregistered cows with known and documented breed information (Limousin, Angus or Red Angus) and pedigree (sire) information recorded with National American Limousin Foundation (NALF). Sires of registered Lim-Flex animals must be registered with NALF or the sire’s respective breed association and have documented pedigree information for parents. Dams of registered Lim-Flex animals must be documented as from a registered sire included in either the NALF herd book or that of another breed association and have actual percent blood information recorded.

Physical Description

Lim-Flex are bred for their muscling, which is moderate compared to Limousin’s heavy muscling. The breed features a large frame and their color is often golden-red and a lighter color under the stomach, inside the thighs, around the eyes and muzzle, and around the anus and end of the tail. Lim-Flex with black genetics show a variation in their color, where they range from light fawn or brown in color progressing through different ages to a deep black at a fully mature age. Mature black animals can often display black coats fully tinged with brown hairs. The head is small and short with a broad forehead and their neck is short with a broad muzzle.

Mature bulls weigh around 2,000 lbs. while mature Limousin females should average 1,300 lbs. and mature.

Defining Characteristics

Lim-Flex stands for Limousin with muscle and efficiency, along with flexibility, which is the most significant strength of this powerful genetic blend. The Limousin-Angus cross allows them to combine the marbling and maternal qualities of the Angus (with black or red) with the heavy muscling of the Limousin. Lim-Flex are easily incorporated into any crossbred operation, where they produce good seedstock. These stock consistently hit dressing percents, along with ideal quality and yield grades in today’s market. Females are very efficient, as they are adaptable to many different environments.

Development in America

In 2002, the NALF realized a need to provide cattlemen with the option of flexibility in their crossbreeding programs. They appreciated the breed complementarity of Limousin and Angus. NALF soon introduced Lim-Flex, a pedigreed Limousin-Angus hybrid. Producers now have genetic options to fit every scenario, from fullblood or purebred Limousin for a "full shot" of muscle and efficiency, to Lim-Flex hybrids for a "blended shot" of Limousin with added marbling and maternal from Angus. With Lim-Flex, breeders can offer a perfect combination of Limousin to meet the needs of most any crossbreeding program. Limousin is the most progressive continental breed registry in the United States. Limousin is the leader in muscle growth efficiency and is the ideal complement to British-based cows. From their origin in France many centuries ago, these cattle have now achieved acceptance here in the United States as a major contributor to a more efficient beef industry.

Registry and Improvement Programs

The North American Limousin Foundation is headquartered in Englewood, CO. The Association provides registrations, transfers, performance data, sales and member services, as well as a junior program, shows and scholarships.