Star Five

Origin of Breed

The Star Five name reflects its Santa Gertrudis heritage. Star Five cattle are progeny of a registered Santa Gertrudis bull or a registered Santa Gertrudis cow crossed 50% with any other breed that the producer desires. Each five points of the star represents an essential focus of beef cattle breeding: fertility, milking ability, gain-ability, conformation, and gentle disposition. The Star Five Program adds value to Santa Gertrudis influence cattle by recording vital breeding information. The objective of the Star Five Program is to create an avenue for the participants to increase the demand of the Santa Gertrudis purebred and Santa Gertrudis cross cattle by improving the marketable product through perception, acceptability, management, superior genetics, performance, marketing and records.

Physical Description

The Star Five range from a light red or honey in color, to a Santa Gertrudis cherry red. Some range from a reddish-brown to dark brown. They can either be horned or polled. They are large framed with an influence of Bos Indicus in their appearance.

Defining Characteristics

Star Five cattle have proven very heat resistant and adapt extremely well to southern climates and environments. They are known for their excellent conformation, carcass quality, fertility and mothering abilities. The calves reach high weaning and yearling weights, perform extremely well in the feedyard, and obtain maximum results at the packing plants. Santa Cruz are great for crossbred operations and provide high quality carcass and lean, high quality cuts of beef. Both females and males are early maturing. Five Stars are mainly used in a commercial setting.

Development in America

Santa Gertrudis Breeders International recently approved this new program and Star Five cattle may be recorded as such with the association. Star Five cattle are at least 50% Santa Gertrudis but may have additional Santa Gertrudis heritage, up to and including straight bred. Two options are available for cattle to be eligible for entry in the Star Five Program. Eligible cattle must be from one registered Santa Gertrudis parent, bull or cow and offspring derived from a non-registered purebred herd base, bull or female. The breed has become very popular in the southeast and southwest regions of the United States, due to their adaptability to the warm climate.

Registry and Improvement Programs

In 1950, the Santa Gertrudis Breeders International Association was formed at Kingsville, Texas.

After their approval of the breed plan, Star Five became eligible for registration and Association with this organization. The Association provides registrations, transfers, performance data, sales and member services as well as a junior program, shows and scholarships.