For Sale: 1 Beefmaster Bulls

Listing #: 32140387
Sarah LaBorde
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Loranger, LA 70446
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BIG Beefmaster bull for sale. About 7 years old, super healthy, and friendly! He was raised here as a calf (never been through the sales) and is easy going, easy to work and pen, and follows feed. Never in a hurry and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Always throws super nice healthy calves and are always calm like him. I never have to worry about him being pushy and I can throw new cows in without worrying him chase them. Great with all animals (new calves, horses, dogs, etc), doesn't chase anything. I'll post pics of some of his calves below. Definitely will be the eye candy of your field!! My loss is definitely your gain here! Located in Loranger, LA