For Sale: 1 Belted Galloway Bulls

Listing #: 32143658
Angela Janson
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Reese, MI 48757
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My name is Batman and I’m on the lookout for some nice heifers or aged cows to meet temporarily as long as they like to get frisky since I’m such a stud muffin.
I am a miniature Belted Galloway bull. Presently my hip height is 47". I was born April 2019. I’ve passed my bull soundness exam and have been trich tested.  I have a great laid back temperament.
I am registered with the International Miniature Cattle Association as are my Sire and Dam. I am registered as a miniature Belted Galloway. My sire is Maximus the Great 5599-MCR He is a miniature Dunn Belted Galloway bull and pop’s hip height is 38”. My Dam is HMH Lilly of Valley 7053-MCBR. She is a miniature Panda cow and ma’s hip height is 42”
My 1st calf was born in June 2021. Signed lease is for a minimum 3 months. Person leasing is responsible for all care/feed cost while they have bull and they must have testing done to ensure the bull hasn't contracted any diseases prior to the bulls return. Cost is $50 per head per month. Can be picked up or there is a charge for delivery for $2 l