For Sale: 1 Dexter Bulls

Listing #: 32140054
Shirley Wade
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Neosho, MO 64850
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A 3 year old Dexter Bull who has produced 2 heifers and 1 bull in breeding. He isn't register but have all the paper work and testing done of his mother and father. We paid $100 for them and request that in return, if a lower price is accepted.
He isn't halter trained but not aggressive and fairly easy to handle. He needs more grazing land and more new heifers to breed. We have a small farm and not enough land to really keep him.
I want a $1000 but to right person will entertain a reasonable offer. We are interested in replacing him with a yound Highland Bull, so if you have one, we may be able to make arrangements for a deal.
I don't answer numbers I do not know and I only check email once a day, so if interested you can text me at 417 529-5450 and I will answer you.