For Sale: 1 Dexter Bulls

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Darren Williams
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Caldwell, ID 83607
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WRanch Blackbird's Moonshine $1500 OBO

He is also currently available to rent. Please inquire for details.

Moonshine will be 3 yrs old in August.

His Sire is a proven breeder and has produced 4 bull calves for us.

Moonshine has sired 2 calves for us so far with 3 more on the way. He has breed a full size Angus (delivered a heifer in Feb), an Angus/Highland cross a Dexter/Highland cross all due in June. He as breed our registered Dexter cow and she delivered a heifer for us last year and is due in June this year.

He is great with the calves, we have always kept them in the same field.

His polled genetics are Pp.

Registered Polled Black Bull Calved 08/10/2016 ADCA #041641
Chrondrodysplasia and PHA Non-carrier.

Genetic Testing done at UC DAVIS and on record at Texas A&M