For Sale: 1 Jersey Bulls

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Lake City, FL 32024
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Grass-fed Dairy Cow Genetics

We have for sale one six month old Jersey bull, named Gus. He was raised strictly on his mama. He is polled, and carries the A2/A2 gene. His sire (Flag) is 48" at the hip, and is "mid-sized" Jersey bull. His Dam (Gail) is 46"' at the hip, and is mid-sized. He comes from a line of longevity, and good milkers. His Great-grandma is twelve years old and is still milking and calving. Mastitis is not a problem with any of the milkers in his family. They hold their weight well, and give 1 to 2 gallons of milk per day with only grass. We only supplement with sunflower seeds and alfalfa.

We are asking $2500 for him.

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