For Sale: 1 LimFlex, Limousin Bulls

Listing #: 32138117
Kevin Kruse
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Burton, TX 77835
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5 year old Polled Limousin Bull purchased from Fuchs Limousin in Cameron, Texas. Was purchased in Jan 2016 as a virgin bull.
Very prolific breeder. Has not missed a breeding with a live calf on the ground every time. Bull has bred only cows on this ranch. No problem being around the baby calves. Calm demeanor and is easy to be around in pasture and in pen. Responds well to herding stick.
52% female calf crop with adjusted weaning weight of 573 lbs.
Asking price $3500.
Located outside of Burton, TX. Contact Kevin at for further information or schedule a visit to K-K Ranch to see him.