For Sale: 10 Angus, Charolais Cross, Red Angus Cross Bulls

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Carl Mullen
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Grandin, MO 63943
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Fall red/black Angus and Charolais bull calves all born September-October. About 10 total. Getting ready to work them and would like to sell as many as "bulls" as I can. Will keep them up to 18 months or so for you (included in the price-$1250). Just provide deposit ($200) and I will tag them for you however you want. Includes good grass (hay if required), current on vaccinations, wormer (twice year), fly tags during summer, mineral (medicated and fly), supplements, fresh water from well (not ponds) and feed to keep "social". All very gentle and easy to work. Can also feed out for you if you provide the feed (I supply the work). Feel free to check out the operation, momma cows and check on them at any time if you purchase. Should end up with about the best buy on grade bulls around. Just would like them to have "productive" lives if I am able. Picture of their sire included. $1250.