For Sale: 100 Angus Bred Heifers

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Tell Wollert
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WILEY, CO 81092
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Wollert Brothers, LLC
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100 Bred Heifers for sale A.I. on May 28th 2019 to Deer Valley Patriot 3222, a calving ease, cow-maker sire with added growth and end product merit. Angus Heifers from Randy Nelson of Ansley, Nebraska, out of his herd of top-notch cattle. He has used Krebs Ranch Bulls for 40+ years. Pure Angus to start calving first of March.

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Bull ID Sire CED BW Registered Number
Deer Valley Patriot 3222 +17 -0.8 17577916

Looking to sell as bred or pairs. Will sell 1 or all. Open to negotiate on larger lots or group between our other ads.
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Tell Wollert - seven one nine 688-2127
Wil Wollert - seven one nine 688-2125
Kelley Wollert - seven one nine 688-1056