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Cindy St paul
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Pensacola, FL 30004
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Extra Fancy Red Angus heifers bred for fall calving. Dexter,British white,cross. Bred Red Angus. Bulls in November 15. 2021 equates to August 20 to start calving for 60 days. Have been ultra sound preg checked march 10, and Vet said it was a tight breed up. Have complete vaccination including Bangs. Bulls are proven calving ease as have used them on heifers two years. Heifers will weigh 1000-1200 lbs and will be 26-28 months old at calving time. Are being fed grass hay and are in condition score 5.5-6.0
Delivery any time and will sell any number. Call for more information and pricing as will depend on number and date.