For Sale: 12 Angus, Angus Cross, Charolais, Charolais Cross Cow/Calf Pairs

Listing #: 32133660
Anthony Mattingly
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Raywick, KY 40060
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I have six cow/calf pairs for sale. Two are first calf 3/4angus 1/4 Holstein with month old calves. One is a CharX first calf heifer with a month old bull calf. I also have a 5 yo black baldy that has a two week old bull calf and two older cows ages 6 and 8 with 6 week old bull calves. Not a thing wrong with these cattle I am just overstocked. I have a few heifers bred 6-9 months as well. 2706996170 call or text w questions, thanks!