For Sale: 12 Black Angus Cow/Calf Pairs

Listing #: 32139199
Kevin McGowan
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Bumpass, VA 23024
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$1,800 per cow/calf pair. Must be purchased as lot of 6 cow/calf pairs (12 animals total). These are Black Angus first time bred heifers, and will have calf on the side in the next few weeks. -- For our herd, all (except registered bull) of our cattle was born and raised on our farm on pasture/hay. We have a commercial Black Angus herd with all livestock coming from registered bulls, calving ease, high success birthrate. Medium to Large frame. We have not mixed any other breeds in with our herd. We have a closed herd. Fortunate to never have pink eye. All animals are vaccinated with Caliber 7, Triangle 10, Pinkeye Regional vaccine and Eprinex Pour-on, this past March. We finish our cattle for retail sale beef with many satisfied customers. Please feel free to see our customer reviews on facebook and check out our website.