For Sale: 130 Angus, Angus F1, Salers Cow/Calf Pairs

Listing #: 32135696
Dylan Bitz
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Dawson, ND 58428
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Complete dispersion (1st calf heifer pairs)

10 red saler-angus heifers with ai saler or clean up char calves at side

35 black saler-angus or angus pairs with ai saler calves at side or clean up black nose char calves

I am selling a complete dispersion of all my herd. These heifers are out of MacDonald saler breeding. Calves at side are out of MacDonald Saler Atomic Force (red heifers) and black heifers aid MacDonald Saler Anders Sire. Cleaned up with a black atomic force son.

These heifers are in great shape weighing around 1200lbs. Heifers all have good feed and excellent utters. All unassisted births. Gentle and easy to work with. Theyve been poured with dectomax. Pairs are on a purina mineral program and salt. Calves were given one round of shots: 1 shot BVD, Inforce 3, 7 way, bull calves are banded, and given a Calvary 9. All steer calves and char heifers were given a Synovex C implant. Calves are poured with dectomax and tagged to match heifer. They have not been exposed back yet.

This is a beautiful set of heifers, extremely uniform, with quality calves at side.