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Listing #: 32132421
Circle D Ranch
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Klondike, TX 75448
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46 Yearling Heifers!!
50 3 yr old Bred Cows!!
40 3-6 yr old Braford Cows!!

Selling due to hay shortage!! Priced to sale!!!

Yearling heifers that have been weaned for several months and are growing out really well! They have plenty of ear and will make a phenomenal set of cows that will last for many years!! Guaranteed sound to breed!!

21 Tigerstripe/Braford $1175
11 Brahman X Holstein $1075
14 Brahman X Jersey $1075
10 3/4 Brahman $1075

50 second calf 1/2-3/4 Brahman cows! 3 years old & 4-8 months bred to Charolais bulls with 675 + lbs weaning weight! $1475 ea

40 3-6 yr old Braford/Tigerstripe Bred Cows (10 Pairs) $1400 ea. take all or $1400 for the bred cows / $1650 cow calf pairs!

1 Gyr 3 year old bull $1,500

1 Gray Brahman 3 year old bull! $2,000

Price is per head by the group but we can split the groups up if needed price may vary (up or down) depending on what you want out of the groups.

All cattle are located at our headquarters in Klondike TX (60 miles NE of Dallas TX)

Delivery Available