For Sale: 138 Angus Feeders

Listing #: 32144612
Travis Donahey
Phone Number: 
Capitol, MT 59319
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In the afternoon of Thursday, September, 30 2021 (weather permitting) Dave and Lynette Donahey will be selling 138 PC home raised Black Angus mixed calves from their 2 year old, 3 year old, late calving cows, and 4 bums at Belle Fourche Livestock Exchange in Belle Fourche, South Dakota. Hauled down the day of the sale right off of their mothers. No growth implants, medicated feed, supplements (creep), ionophores, beta agonists, and never fed animal by-products. Non-hormone calves. Video of calves on YouTube under Donahey Cattle. I have an email with shot records, date of birth of oldest calf, last year’s weight and splits at the sale barn, 5 year average weights, mineral program, breeding program, and more. Contact seller with email address if interested.