For Sale: 140 Braford, Brahman Cross, Brahman F1, Brangus Cross, Charbray, Charloais F1, Charolais Cross, Crossbred, Hereford Cross, Hereford F1, Red Angus Cross, Shorthorn Cross, Tigerstripe Open Heifers

Listing #: 32127641
Rhandi O'Neal
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Commerce, TX 75448
Number of Head: 

80 Braford / Tigerstripe Heifers!
60 Brahman Cross Heifers!

Take as many or as few as you want!

I can’t say enough about these ladies they are built like a brick house and are as gentle as a puppy! There’s 140 head total and I currently have them sorted into the 4 groups listed below. The larger groups of heifers are ready for the bull of your choice and the younger heifers have been weaned for 60+ days and are doing great! They are all current on their vaccinations and are ready to turn out! When you get them bred they’ll double your money or you can keep them and have a set of cows that will last you 12-15 years!!

30 BrahmanX avg 600# $1,075 ea.
30 BrahmanX avg 800# $1,250 ea
Take all Brahman Cross $1150 ea.

50 Brafords avg. 625# $1,175 ea.
30 Brafords avg. 750# $1,450 ea.
Take all 80 Brafords$1275 ea.

Take all 140 head $1225 ea!

No middleman, they are all owned by and located at Circle D Ranch!

We own several trucks and can help with delivery if is needed!

Please call or text (903)348-3436