For Sale: 15 Angus Cross, Angus F1, Holstein, Simmental Cross, Simmental F1 Bred Heifers

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Andrew Godbey
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Liberty, KY 42539
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Offering 15 bred commercial heifers. This group of Sim-Angus heifers were all born within 30 days. Dates of birth range from 8/25/17 – 9/25/17. They have all been pelvic measured by Stanford Animal Hospital and passed BSE. These heifers are eligible for cost share programs. All vaccinations are up to date, including two rounds of Cattlemaster Gold fp5 15 prior to breeding. They have also been freeze branded.

All heifers have been bred to a registered polled Hereford bull P43750593. His EPDs are shown. They should begin calving around September 1st. They are scheduled for pregnancy checks and exams on March 15th. We are a BQA and Ky Proud registered producer and include a “Bred Guarantee” for up to 30 days after the date of purchase. Asking $1350 each. Please call or email for more pictures, videos, or information.