For Sale: 15 Braford, Brahman, Brahman Cross, Brahman F1, Tigerstripe Cows

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Circle D Ranch
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Klondike, TX 75448
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Braford / Tigerstripe (2) 2 year old bred heifers and (13) 3-5 year old bred cows! They are big and stout and are definitely “the kind”! They have a very good temperament and are a great set of cows and heifers! There are (2) 7/8 Brahman cows running with them and if you take the whole group they are the same price. When we had them palpated we went ahead and vaccinated and wormed them! $1600 each take all or you can pick through them but the price will vary a little.

We can show them to you pretty much anytime and can deliver if needed!

Just give us a call! (903)453-7466