For Sale: 155 Angus, Angus F1, Salers Cow/Calf Pairs

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Dylan Bitz
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Dawson, ND 58428
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Complete dispersion (2nd-5th calf pairs)

75 red and rwf cows with atomic force sired red saler calves at side. ($2050)
80 red and rwf cows with char calves at side. ($1985)

This is a complete dispersion of all my cows. Currently in 3 pastures in groups listed above. Cows are predominantly saler, saler-angus, or angus cows. Out of Macdonald breeding. This is a herd that I started in 2013. Cows had their first calves in 2015. They would be the oldest cows and there are about an even number of ages in each year from 5th calvers all the way down to 2nd calvers. Cows have always been on a purina mineral program with fly control and have been current on their vaccinations. In fall, virashield 6, cattle master gold 5, inforce 3, 7 way, scour guard 9, dectomax injectable, and poured with clean-up. In spring, scour guard 9 booster, 7 way, Inforce 3, multi-min 90, dectomax injectable, and poured with clean-up. At turn out time cows were poured with Dectomax.