For Sale: 16 Amerifax, Angus Cross, Braford, Brahman Cross, Brahman F1, Hereford Cross Open Heifers

Listing #: 32127544
Sara Barrett
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Leesburg, TX 75451
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Out of Triple Son Farms, Golden Certified F1s (Registered Brahman x Registered Hereford).
Sired by McKellar Registered Black Angus bulls.
Calves have been vaccinated with: Pyramid 5 MLV, Calvary 9, Cydectin injectable, Bangs as well as Multimin90.
Heifers average 650lbs.
Have been on feed for 26 days, gaining an average of 2.2/lbs per day.

A few of the F1 cows the calves are out of are pictured.