For Sale: 18 Angus Cross, Brangus Cross, Charolais Cross, Corriente, Longhorn Bred Heifers

Listing #: 32122404
Vickie Oneal
Phone Number: 
903-450-5524 or 903-886-6922
Klondike, TX 75448
Number of Head: 

$900.00 per head

Must sell my herd of 18 head of young cows and a few 2 year old Heifers.. I had only 8 vet palpated and all were 3 to 7 months bred but 1 young heifer was not. Calving dates are in their ear tags . The cows have all been running with a Charolais Bull and Heifers with Angus Bull and rest should be bred. This is a really good young herd that I am having to sell due to my lease land has been sold suddenly. Can Deliever for a fee. Call 903-450-5524 or 903-886-6922, Thanks