For Sale: 2 Angus Bulls

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Steve McIntosh
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Bethany , MO 64424
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Yearling Angus Bulls

SAV Resource 1441/ Forever Lady AAA 19053983 top 15 percent birth weight AI buy now $2,500
EXAR Upshot/ Rito AAA 19053902 top 4 percent weaning weight, Embryo Transfer buy now $3,000

Angus GS dna tested for proven lineage and enhanced EPDs. Birth weights 65 to 70 lbs.

These are two of my best and largest 3 bulls from registered herd of 20 bulls. Excellence growth nice size 1250 lb plus. Registered Angus since 1995.

Excellent herd bulls or cleanup bulls for AI herd. Would work very well for commercial herd for growth or retaining replacement heifers or bulls.

Go to American angus association web site and type in registration number to see EPDs