For Sale: 20 Angus Cross, Lowline Cows

Listing #: 32133871
Shelley Connors
Phone Number: 
Point Blank, TX 77364
Number of Head: 

Need to sell about 20 head. I have too many cows for too few acres. Lowered prices (see below)
Registered and Unregistered
Black and Red
These cows are friendly and easy to manage in an enclosed pen and shoot.
Good size for small acreage and beginner cattle owners.
Easy to fatten up on grass - they are small statured angus
Easy on the pasture
Easy calving

Full blood exposed cow (has a yearling bull on the ground, calved last few years) 9 years old - $1500
Registered Pregnant Cows and Exposed cows $1000
Unregistered pregnant cows (1st calf) $900
Heifers (yearlings) $700
Moderator Bull $1200
Calves (yearlings) $500