For Sale: 20 Brahman, Hereford Cross Cows

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Stephanie Dawson
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Danielsville, GA 30633
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10 bred cows brahman/hereford crosses. registered hereford bull was put in with cows June 3rd(ish) asking $3,000 for him. He just turned 3 this past September. All cows are proven producers and great mamas. 2 older mama cows are 7 yrs. old, asking $2,000 a piece. The rest are 2-4 yrs old, $2500 a piece on them. All 10 calves are 6-9 months old, 3 heifers around 550-650+ pounds $1,200 a piece. On the bulls and steers asking anywhere from $600-$800. There is one steer that weighs aprx. 700 pounds that I'm asking $1,200 for. I bought ten cow/calf pairs in May and underestimated my pasture and needing to sell the whole herd now. Total of 10 bred cows, 9 calves, 1 bull. The reason for there being only 9 calves I done some trading on a bull calf.