For Sale: 20 Charolais Bulls

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Paul Niehaus
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Jerome, ID 83338
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Registered Purebred Virgin Charolais Bulls for sale.

We have long yearlings and coming two year old Charolais bulls for sale. In addition we have one Red Factor Charolais bull and one F1 Angus/Charolais bull, plus a few calving ease sires/heifer bulls that are available. Birth-weights range from 61 to 100 pounds with most in the 80 range. The bulls are 100% AI Sired or ETs. The bulls have been fed a balanced high roughage diet consisting of feeder alfalfa hay, minimal corn silage, mineral/vitamin pack and free choice long stem hay. We have all performance records available including BW, WW, YW and scrotals for all bulls, plus EPDs & TSI (Terminal Sire Index).

All have been semen tested and have passed their Breeding Soundness Exam and Trich tested. All are BVD-PI tested Negative. They have all been vaccinated and boostered with Bovishield FP Gold One Shot, Vibrin, Lepto, Alpha 7 MB 1, Triangle 10 and dewormed. They are available for turn-out at your convenience.