For Sale: 21 Angus Cows

Listing #: 32142111
Zach Gilliam
Phone Number: 
Flemingsburg, KY 41041
Number of Head: 

Complete registered angus herd dispersal. No culls, and no trader cattle here. Many excellent blood lines and cow families here.

16 bred cows, (4 are fall bred, and have calves at their side, 12 are due to start calving end of Feb)
4 bred heifers (2 due to calve end of Feb, 2 are fall bred)
1 embryo bull from SAV Resource 1441 (sire to all calves listed above)

Avg cow age is about 4.5yrs old.

Some sample EPDs from my herd: 18195217 18948485 19724041 19723996

Total herd price is $50000, this is a steal compared to what Ive spent in purchasing and AI to develop this herd. These are easy keeping cows, will follow a bucket anywhere, and trained to electric. Nothing crazy here.

Would prefer to sell the whole herd together, but would sell 10 cows of my choosing for $25000 if someone is interested. Not looking for sell off individual cows at this time.

Cows can stay on my farm if needed, and we can come up with a lease agreement.