For Sale: 21 Wagyu Bred Heifers

Listing #: 32132248
Marvin Zeig
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MILANO, TX 76556-3036
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21 Full blood Embryos Available

Z6C Ms Itomoritaka C001 (FB20342) x Itoshigefuji TF147 (FB3681) Embryos – 12 available (gd 1, stg 4) - $500 each
Z6C Ms Itomoritaka C001 is an outstanding female which has tested free of all genetic disorders, has a tenderness score of 7 and has the highly favored SCD fat test result of AA. She is line-bred Michifuku and Itomoritaka.

Z6C Ms Itojirou Z039 (FB25525) x Kitaguni Jr. (FB2422) - 7 available (gd 1, stg 5) - $750 each
Z6C Ms Itojirou Z039 is a large female weighing 1,285. She is VA/7 for her SCD/Tenderness testing. She is an excellent cross of Sanjirou x Itomichi x Itoshigenami TF148. Kitaguni Jr. has outstanding potency for passing on superior meat qualities and exponential marbling.

Z6C D2 (FB26382) x Kikushige 401E (FB3079) – 2 Available (gd 1, stg 5) - $450 each.
This breeding brings together a Kikuyasu 400 daughter and Kikuyasu 400 son. Z6C-D2 is free of all genetic disorders, AA, and a tenderness of 3. Z6C-D2 has a sire stack of Kikuyasu 400 / Sanjirou / Kitateruyasu Doi / Kikuhana