For Sale: 23 Angus Cross, Longhorn Cows

Listing #: 32131461
Les Midgett
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Oblong, IL 62449
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My health has failed me, selling out. Young herd because I just got back into cattle after I retired. 5 yr olds down to 2 yr olds. Have a Spring calving group, and a Fall group. The Fall group has finished, I have just started selling the Spring calves. Everything calved successfully. Also have 5 yearling heifers, 3 are Black Angus Cross, 2 are Red Angus Cross. Cows $1300 Heifers $1100. Priced to sell. Elec fence. Tame. Also have a 4yr old Hereford $1200. Milk cow, 3/4 Jersey, 1/4 Angus who just calved 9-9-18, $1000. These are nice cows, I had no rain in summer 2017 and sold everything with any flaw whatsoever. Not preg checked because I lack the energy, but these cows haven't ever failed. The ones who did are gone. If you hurry, you can see their calves at their side.
6 Longhorns, 3 6Yr olds, 2 5yr olds. 1 3yr old. Started with 13, these are the 6 best. Gentle, calved every year. $800. Good mothers, very tame.