For Sale: 24 Angus Cross, Black Angus, Limousin, Red Angus, Simmental Cows

Listing #: 32131656
Ezra Heatwole
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Sterling, MI 48659
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They are a nice bunch of cows.I'm selling them because I'm to busy with construction. They had a limousine bull and a semintal cross bull in with them this year. Asking $1100 a head. 7 limousine 2 semintal 2 herford cross 2 red angus 10 angus 1 angus cross. They all had calves on there side till 3weeks ago. Most of them calved in April and my Calf size average 559 lb at the end of October when I sold them. I had to help pull 1calf last year other than that I didn't have any problems with them.