BC819A-245 hd Bred Cows

Sundance, WY


  • TitleBC819A-245 hd Bred Cows
  • Listing #32146141
  • Class / CategoryCows
  • LocationSundance, WY 82729
  • BreedBlack Angus
  • Rancher’s NameWilliamson Land and Cattle .
  • Phone 307-680-4595
  • Number of Heads245
  • Price$2,150


Wyoming Origin 3 yr old’s 5 to 6 loads of nice, coming 3 yr old’s. Take one or take em’all. A nice set of true ranch developed cows bred back to Sons and Grandsons of Final Answer, Start calving April 1st for 60 days. Every cow raising a baby and calves will be weaned off the end of September,. Cows are on the modified live Preguard Gold FP10 and will be poured with Ivermectin at Ultrasound time. These dolls will be ready to ship 2nd week of October and your buying a 100% bred cow herd. This is the ranches program-to sell part of the 3 yr old’s every year for cash flow. Total Hd: 245 Cattle Breed: Black Angus Cattle Age: 3 yr old’s Calving Date: April 1st-May 31st Bull Info: Home Raised Bulls or Sons & Grandsons of Final Answer Disposition: Average Home Raised: Bought Cow Weight: 1050

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