For Sale: 25 Angus Plus Stockers

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Warren Andres
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We have a great herd of front pasture Black Angus all born on our ranch. These are grass fed with only the black leg shot. No hormones no antibiotics. We have 12 steers and 5 heifers 10 to 11 months old. These are priced at $1,000 per head. We have 7 steers and 9 heifers that are 8 to 9.5 months old that are priced at $850 per head. We have 6 steers and 6 heifers that are 6 to 7.5 months old that are priced at $700 per head.
The sires of each of these were either a Connally Ravan or 10X bull. Both bulls have great breed line.

The steers were made so a day or two of their birth. These calves are still in the pasture so you can pick out the ones you like. The pictures are just a sampling.
The steer with no tag is 24 months old and ready for the butcher and is $2,000. Grass few, not hormones and no antibiotics. He probably weighs around 1,100 lbs which would maybe harvest about 600 lbs of beef. We do not have a scale on site. We have two other similar steers ready also but each of them are $1700. Each.