BC1108C-250 Bred Cows

Towner, ND


  • TitleBC1108C-250 Bred Cows
  • Listing #32147320
  • Class / CategoryCows
  • LocationTowner, ND 58788
  • BreedBlack Angus
  • Rancher’s NameWilliamson Land and Cattle .
  • Phone 307-680-4595
  • Number of Heads250
  • Price$2,375


Lot BC1108C A Total Ranch Dispersion- 4-8 yr old-Bred Charolais/Blk Always a tuff decision to sell the entire herd off, but folks this brings about a great opportunity for you on a younger set of Black/ Black baldy cows that are bred to primarily Charolais (75%) or Black Angus (25%) that will calve April 25th for 60 days. These cows are in there everyday work clothes with a body condition score of -5, weigh in around 1350#, they have excellent disposition and do know how to work. The herd is about 60% baldy and the balance solid black. The cows either came out of the herd or were purchased as heifers and developed on the ranch. Take either group or take em’ all. Group 1- 154hd with 91-4’s, 63-5&6’s- Total Hd: 250 Cattle Breed: Black Angus/Black Baldy Cattle Age: 4 yr old-Short Solids Calving Date: 4/25/24-6/24/24 Bull Info: 75% Charolais Bulls 25% Angus Bulls Cow Weight: 1350 Home Raised: Bought Disposition: Very Gentle Located near Towner, ND Buy Now For $2375/hd Don’t need the whole group? Call us about buying load lots!

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