For Sale: 262 Angus, Angus F1, Hereford, SimAngus Cows

Listing #: 32135604
Dylan Bitz
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Napoleon , ND 58561
Number of Head: 

262 head predominantly 3 to 5 year old cows with 20 cows being 6 or 7 years old.
155 blacks 19 black white face 38 reds and 40 red white face and Hereford cows.
Cows are ultrasounded and cycled into 3 calving groups. 10-25/12-31 (green tag) 1-1/1-31 (yellow tag) 2-1/3-4 (red tag)
This is a beautiful set of young cows, stout, put together norther cows that are in excellent shape and on a good mineral program. Cows currently weighing 1250-1300 lbs. Good bags and feet and gentle cows to work with that will produce monster calves. When ultrasounded, were given a dectomax injectable and poured with clean up. Cows are tagged for age and tagged for cycle. Bred to registered high grown black or red angus bulls. Can line up cheap freight for long hauls.
Sold with a re check to guarantee pregnancy. So confident you will love them if you don’t, pick your favorite cow out keep her and send the rest back free of charge.

$1295 fob Napoleon,nd