For Sale: 28 Angus, Black Angus Bulls

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David Moberg
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Abbeville, SC 29620
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Calhoun Creek Cattle Company is Selling 28 yearling Registered black Angus Bulls. 28 to choose from. All sons of Bulls from the famous Gardiner Ranch in Kansas.
List of Sires are GAR:
Momentum, Surfire, Genuine , Proactive, Scalehouse, Ashland, Method, Phoenix, Simplified and SSNiagra
All of these bulls Gained 3 lbs a day during the summer just on pasture grazing. We use the highest quality minerals and feed. These bulls have been worked with on a daily basis and have a great disposition. We test libido by having the bulls able to meet in heat heifers at a stockade fence. It’s fun to watch the howling. All Vaccinations have been done.

Vaccinations they all got:
Inforce 3
Cydectin injectable
Calvary 9
LongRange injectable dewormer
Pyramid 5+ Presponse SQ

we guarantee breeding soundness.
Price 1,700-2,300 your choice. A few are 4 months younger and will sell at the reduced price.
After December the prices do go up.