For Sale: 3 Amerifax, Angus, Beef Friesian, SimAngus, Simmental Bulls

Listing #: 32141223
Eldo Wiebe
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Whitewater, KS 67154
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Limited selection of young bulls.
AI semen from 18 breeds!
All bulls halter broke.
Low birth weight, great performance & MM & marbling.
Black polled Irish Beef Friesian & Amerifax & Simmental.
Ameribrah (1/2 BF x 1/4 ANX x 1/16 BR)
Birth weight 75 lbs weaning weight 775 lbs, no creep feed.
Beef Friesian are not related to Holsteins or double muscling.
A Houston grand steer and 100+ champions from HMF & PBF Bulls!
Call if you have questions. Preferably at 1pm Central Time.
Polder Beef Friesians