For Sale: 3 Charolais Cross, Red Angus, Red Angus Cross Bulls

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Van Dardis
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Stephenville, TX 76401
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Three (3) bulls shown in the photos. We will sell two (2) and keep the remaining bull for our use. The two (2) Red Angus are REGISTERED (papers in hand), currently 1100-1200 lbs (guess) and are small to medium frames. These guys are approx. 30 months olds. The Charolais bull is a cross between a fence-jumping bull and commercial Red Angus, currently 1200-1300 lbs (again a guess) and is medium framed and near 3 years old... We will arrange pick-up at the vet clinic where we will have the bull fertility and trich tested prior to loading. The bulls are fully guaranteed.

Best to text me or email: If you want me to call just leave me a message or send me a request.

Bulls are priced at $2750 each.