For Sale: 3 Gelbvieh, Gelbvieh Cross, Gelbvieh F1 Bulls

Listing #: 32138955
Bob Beying
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Easton, KS 66020
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Dawson Creek Gelbvieh is offering three top-end Gelbvieh/Balancer bulls that are AI sired and backed by generations of maternally bred Gelbvieh females. These bulls are stout made, heavily muscled, and sired by industry leading sires JRI Next Step, Post Rock Power Built, and Basin Payweight 1682. Bulls are 16-18 months old, have passed Breeding Soundness Exams, and are ready to turn out. Call Bob at 913-773-8302. You may also call or text Tim at 913-680-5708 or Brian at 913-547-1635. $3,000/Choice

Stout-made, black, Homozygous Polled 63% Balancer bull sired by JRI Next Step and out of a SAV Bruiser cow. This registered Balancer bull had a 76 pound birthweight and weighs 1425# at 16 months.

Heavily muscled, Homozygous Polled, black Purebred Gelbvieh bull sired by Post Rock Power Built out of a Chief Executive daughter. PB 88% Gelbvieh bull had a 90 pound birthweight and weighs 1475# at 18 months.

Black, Homozygous Polled 50% Balancer bull sired by the immortal Angus sire Basin Payweight 1682 out of a Collateral daughter. Add overa