For Sale: 300 Angus, Black Angus, Brahman, Crossbred, Galloway, Holstein, Jersey, Red Angus Cows

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Grahman Hills
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fayetteville, AR 72703
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Gentle Cows and heifers, easy to handle. All are bangs vaccinated, all shots etc .Pregnant Cows,Heifers,Bull Calves and Bred Heifers All Available At best Affordable Prices:
Pregnant Holstein Cow, Jersey Cow,BrownSwiss Cow, Bred Red and Black Angus, Black Brangus and Angus Bull calves, Brahman Heifers

All our animals are vet checked and all 100% healthy. just depends on what you want .PM TO: 915-TWO-SIX-SEVEN-1009 ,,, AND

We have an exciting flock of Dorset, Katahdin and East Freisian Dairy Sheep etc . We have high Quality Meat, Wool and hair sheep like the Suffolk,Rambouillet, Romney etc . We also have some open ewes Available at this time. Our flock come with all paperwork and health guarantee . We also have some tested Rams Available at this time . You can give Text,Call to visit farm farm for selection . PM TO: 915-TWO-SIX-SEVEN-1009