For Sale: 33 Angus, Angus Cross, Black Angus, Charolais, Charolais Cross, Red Angus Cows

Listing #: 32135138
Morgan Lenz
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Stigler, OK 74462
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$1,100 a pop on cows if gone this weekend! 33 bred cows (one did just calve a nice heifer calf) cows are 3-6 years old and 4-6 months bred $1,125/cow. Gentle group that come running to meet you anytime of day. They’re big pets. Also 35 big home raised bred heifers (pics of them are after bulls) 2 years old 4-6 months bred to low birth weight black bull. 23 black heifers $1,275 and 12 colored $1,185. Tested Brahma bull $2,100 and tested beefmaster bull $1,600 call or text 918-315-5546 Stigler, Oklahoma and hauling available. Video available