For Sale: 33 Angus Cross Bred Heifers

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James Beck
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Wyandotte, OK 74370
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Fall calving heifers are available with a calving period of Sept. 1 to Nov. 15 most will calve in September. Each heifer consists of 3 breeds, Angus, Charolais & Simmental, providing hybrid vigor and complementarity resulting in strong maternal & growth characteristics with desirable carcass traits. We ONLY use sons of proven sires from the top of each breed developing exceptional pedigrees over many generations. This group was sired by outstanding sons of AAR Ten X 7008 SA, Sitz Upward 307R, W/C United 956Y, CCR Cowboy Cut 50482, SDS Graduate 006X, TNT Dual Focus TZ49, LT Ledger 0332P, LT Long Distance 9001 PLD, and VPI Free Lunch 708T.
Our heifer bulls are sons of KCF Bennett Absolute, Hooks Beacon and G A R Sure Fire. These bulls rank near the top of their breed in calving ease but also rank in the top 1% in the All Purpose Index giving both calving ease and excellent calves.
Our 2017 yearling steers were evaluated by IGS, a division of the American Simmental Association, using their Feedlot Profit Calculator, and had the highest value of any yearlings they had EVER assessed.