For Sale: 34 Angus, Black Angus, Black Hereford, Brangus, Charolais Cross Cows

Listing #: 32122393
Vickie ONeal
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Klondike, TX 75448
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$1,350.00 each
I have 34 Bred Heifers and cows all under 5 years old, mostly all BlackAngus and Black Baldies. All are very gentle and come to feed and easy to handle. The cows have been running with Black Angus Bulls. They have been vet palpated and were 3 to 7 months bred. I have vet records on hand with ages, inventory numbers and calving dates. Must sell, lost my lease pasture land due the owner sold it suddenly. I really hate to sell this nice herd but have no choice. Can send more pictures to your email address. Can Deliever for a fee. Please call 903-886-6922 or 903-450-5524