For Sale: 35 Angus Bred Heifers

Listing #: 32135152
Darrell Howard
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mulhall, OK 73063
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Howard Ranch in Mulhall Oklahoma has put together one of the fanciest, consistent, productive commercial herds around. This has been accomplished around a meticulous breeding program, using sires most commercial breeders can only dream about. The herd is very productive. Heifers are exposed for 30 days and cows for 60. The cows are easy keepers and have not seen a bale of hay in 5 years. During the winter cows are fed protein every 2 to 3 days in the worst parts of winter. How many other producers can say that?
From time to time, our listing will be updated with cattle to sale. Pictures are not always uploaded for the specific animals for sale but examples of the herd as a whole. Through the consistency, it is hard to tell the difference between animals in the pictures. Specific pictures can be obtained by request or come check out the operation. We are looking for repeat customers and typically fill needs through advance orders, call Darrell for more info 405 747 5398

For sale:
27 bred heifers (confirmed) calve May
7 open
24 blk angus
5 red angus
5 Hereford/ red angus