For Sale: 35 Angus Cross Bred Heifers

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Craig Cole
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Phillipsburg , KS 67661
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I have 35 head of angus cross bred heifers. 20 head were AI’d to angus bulls to start calving the first March for 30-45 days. 15 were bull bred to start calving February 15 for 30-45 days. All bull bred or followed up bulls are angus low birth weight easy calving. Heifers were preg checked mid November and given scour guard and vibrio-lepto vaccinations. They were also poured. They ranged 950-1050 lbs at that time.
These heifers were handled extensively this summer by moving between pasture rotatations. They will follow a side by side or bale pickup with bale or cubes. Also moved by horseback with dogs. They were also exposed to side by sides and atvs.
This is a super nice bunch of heifers that will be hard to beat. Let me know of any questions.