For Sale: 35 Gelbvieh Cows

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Gerald Weiss
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Lancaster, WI 53813
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Progress Plus LLC Gelbvieh is totally dispersing the herd of red/gold polled Gelbvieh cattle due to the advancing age and personal medical challenges of the owner. The herd was developed following Dr. Gerald M. Weiss’ post-doctoral research in Western Europe in the early 1970s.Progress Plus Gelbviehs have been used in many research trials during the last forty years. Polled Red/Gold cattle with phenomenal disposition, longevity, maternal functionality, and forage ration focus comprise the herd. Recent AI breeding has been accomplished with Knoll Crest Farms and Judd Ranch semen. Females range in age from yearlings to thirteen years of age. Both spring and fall calving cows comprise the thirty-five female inventory. Spring calving cows have calves by their side. There are three non-registered polled red/gold Gelbviehs that have served as recips also available. The herd has annually tested Johnes negative since institution of the bovine testing program.