For Sale: 37 Angus Cross, Braunvieh, Salers Bred Heifers

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Mike Wyss
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Russellville, MO 65074
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37 Fancy Cross Bred Heifers Bred to Calving Ease Bulls.

The majority are bred to a calving ease Registered Black Salers Bull. They are due to start calving September 1, 2019.

These heifers should mature into 1100 lb to 1300 lb cows. Their Salers sired calves will be easy calving, and more vigorous at birth with an excellent rate of growth. These heifers have been checked for reproductive soundness, pelvic size, body condition and weight, and are free of blemishes. A strict immunization and deworming program has been followed, including official Brucellosis calfhood vaccination, and heifers have been tested and found negative for PI BVD.

These are home-grown heifers from a carefully thought-out breeding program spanning nearly 50 years selecting for maternal and carcass quality traits.

They are gentle and accustomed to electric fencing.