For Sale: 4 Angus Cow/Calf Pairs

Listing #: 32135021
Jennifer Morgan
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Waynesville, NC 28786
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I have 2 registered Angus cows with heifer calves at their sides that can also be registered. The cows are AAA 184335516 and 18435517. They are 3+ years old and this is their second calf. The heifer calves are about 2.5+ months old and not yet submitted for Angus registration.
Cows have been with a bull and should be bred back for spring 2020 - a pregnancy check has not been done at this time. The calf they’re bred with would also be able to be registered as a Balancer. More pictures as well as information on the bull they are bred to is available.

Pricing is $2300/pair.

Please email or text for more information.